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  • Sarah Hall, managing director of Sarah Hall Consulting Ltd.

    Thanks for visiting our blog. If you're here and a growing business, you probably recognise that now is the time to reframe how you look at your PR and marketing.

    The world has changed, the media has changed and the way we communicate has changed. However many organisations are not yet exploiting the varied opportunities that the latest technologies have placed at our fingertips.

    Today's media is highly fragmented, with social media platforms experiencing explosive growth. If you're wondering what this means for you, it is effectively this: although traditional PR and marketing techniques are still valid, brands should now think of themselves as broadcasters and publishers, reaching customers directly as well as through the media.

    There are growing numbers of communications tools allowing organisations to do this and engage with customers. Get it right and the rewards can be huge. We can work with you to make that happen.

    At Sarah Hall Consulting we create communication strategies that align with your business objectives so that your profits are built alongside your profile. We upskill your staff so as a business you are empowered to drive your communications forward and so your marketing team can work hand in hand with operations and customer services, making the customer experience the very best it can be. It’s what the most successful businesses are doing already and we can help you do it too.

    Occasionally not everything runs as smoothly as it should so the other bit of help we offer is planning for the worst, as well as issues management itself. It's that old adage - if you prepare it will probably never happen. Either way we can make sure your business is able to communicate clearly in good times and bad - critical when you need to manage your reputation.

    Marketing a business is a collaborative process which takes effort from both parties. What we promise you is a highly experienced team sharing the latest thinking and marketing techniques to benefit your brand. The proof is in what we are doing for our clients and ourselves (we believe in practising what we preach) – and we can do it for you.

    So, if you want help with an overarching PR and marketing strategy, implementing a creative campaign or - the new bit for most brands but not for us - need a hand with becoming a broadcaster and publisher, we’re here for you.

    If you'd like a chat, please just give us a call. You can reach me directly on 07702 162 704 or at

    I look forward to hearing about your business and plans for the future - I've no doubt they are as ambitious as ours.

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